Bordiga's home in the foothills of the Maritime Alps was carefully selected for its unique climate and fertile landscape, abundant in natural herbs bursting with fragrant, natural oils. All are at the distiller's fingertips, ripe for experimentation and the production of quality spirits defined by uniquely pure, organic flavors.

Bordiga created its first Vermouth in the year of its foundation, in 1888, a long tradition of quality and excellence. Even today, the Bordiga Vermouth is proposed with the image of the historical recipe linked to the far "Africa Orientale" colonies from where the spices came from that wisely mixed with the great wines of Piedmont and the excellent alpine botanicals give birth to the traditional Vermouth of Turin. Thanks to their unique production methods, all Bordiga Vermouths have the "SUPERIORE" quality label. The Aperitivo Bordiga, in its label inspired by the original of the 1920s, reflects all the atmosphere and carefree of those years, leaving an unmistakable citrus and pleasing bitterness flavor.