The different vermouth styles

Historically, there have been two main types of vermouth: sweet and dry.  Responding to demand and competition, vermouth manufacturers have created additional styles, but over the centuries, three dominate styles have emerged: Rosso, Extra dry and Bianco. Each style has a different purpose and each brand offers its own unique interpretation of the flavors.

Rosso: A rich, spicy, bold, and pleasantly sweet sip. It pairs particularly well with bourbon, whiskey, and bitters, and is unsurprisingly a necessary ingredient in a Manhattan.

Extra dry: Tart, floral, herbaceous, and dry, it adds depth to a gin or vodka martini. It's also a nice accompaniment to Campari, Aperol, and amaro.

Bianco: The best of both worlds, this has the sweetness of a red vermouth and the tart, floral taste of an extra dry. It pairs well with gin, vodka, and sparkling wine, and is also delightful on its own with seltzer.