About us

The Vermouth Company is a company based both in Amsterdam and in the heart of the Italian Vermouth production area Canelli. We are resellers and distributors of premium Vermouth in European Northern Countries. Our aim is to represent the very high end of a selected group of quality vermouths. 

Vermouth has been a fast-growing category within the wine trade, and we think it is about time that  this herbaceous sip gets its long-overdue moment in the spotlight. A quality vermouth makes all the difference to your Manhattan, Negroni or your Dry Martini. It makes a smashing drink mixed with sparkling wine or soda water. Or simply pour it over ice.

We proudly represent our brands: Bordiga, Contratto, Oscar.697 and Tosti. We see it as our mission to get bartenders and customers acquainted with these premium topvermouths. Call us, and we will offer you the opportunity to taste it. Follow our news on our next Masterclass or "Vermouth On Tour" and follow us on Instagram to see what's happening at the Vermouth Company.